Weapon of Choice


"Gamble with me and wager your doom" -Krak to Morg

KRAK was the lord of the squealor clan of demons until eaten by Morg.

Bio Edit

Lord of the squealor clan of demon minions, Krak rose to power in the pitfights deep in the Valkawa Underworld. The biggest and strongest demon of the realm, he built a small but radical independant sect of chaos worshipers until it was overtaken by the demon Morg.


Krak was the Lord of the Valkawa underworld and was guarded by his own bodyguard. However, when the demon jester asked if anyone would challenge Krak, Morg bravely challenged Krak. Krak punched Morg against a wall but Morg then grabbed Krak and ate him. (Swallowed him whole)


Krak was a haughty warlord who enjoyed seeing other demons suffer. He enjoyed fighting for glory as demonstrated when he was challenged by Morg.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Krak was never shown with weapons so his great strength made up for his lack of weapons. He may have used a weapon before he became lord of the Valkawa Underworld. However he bears sharp fingernails which could be used as a weapon.


  • Krak is voiced by John Daniels
  • In the dvd, he was simply refered to as warlord.

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